Thursday, 31 December 2015


Many happy returns? Whose birthday could it be? No one is the answer, well no one I know of, no, indeed, this was the evening of returns to the scene, to making music, original live music and wow! What a gig.

First there was the return of Ollie Taylor (The October game, Tibetan Sky) with his new band Toy Birds who put me very much in mind of The Pineapple Thief and their anonymously named debut EP is absolutely beautiful and well worth the money.

Then we saw the return of Rupert, Danny & Nick, formerly, along with Gaz, were Minor Pilot, having tried but failed to replace Gaz (guitarist) they have decided to soldier on as a three piece under the name of Thousand Suns and with added keyboards from Nick and programming from Danny, good grief they were good and the new material is awesome, if you liked Minor Pilot then you will rave over a Thousand Suns, a triumphant return indeed.

What can I say about My Pet Junkie? They are a legendary band anyway, one of the most loved, respected and complicated prog bands on the scene for many a year and they had not performed together as a band for far too long as each member has pursued various individual projects and commitments but tonight they were back!  
Playing a set that blew us away, MPJ are back, for now anyway!

Many Happy Returns

Many happy returns
Though this has nothing to do
With birthdays
Wednesday the 30th December
Yet another date to remember
Another fine gig at Club-85
Where it seems the Fellowship was
Just alive
With myself and Chris
On a night where the rain poured down
We at least made it to Hitchin town
To see Toy Birds
The new band with Ollie Taylor
From the October Game
Just for this I’m glad we came
Then there was the triumphant return
Of Danny, Nick & Rupert
But not as Minor Pilot
Now they are a Thousand Suns
Minor Pilot having lost one 
But the sound goes on
Changed but unmistakable
Simply sublime
A happy return indeed
And then
My Pet Junkie
After a too long hiatus 
But they were here for us
Once again
Many happy returns
On New Year’s Eve, Eve
Another damn fine gig
I do believe
I’m glad we came
A great way to say goodbye
If you know what I mean
Two thousand and fifteen.


So, maybe that explains it, A night of, Many Happy Returns!

As we say goodbye to 2015 may I wish you all a happy new year and a good 2016 filled with music and laughter.
GM 31/12/15

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