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Friday 11/12/15
Friday night and along came an unexpected and very welcome chance to go off to Club-85 in Hitchin to see The Dub Pistols supported by The Defekters for a night of pure danceable Ska & Dub and both bands had the place which was either at or close to capacity, BOUNCING.

The Dub Pistols rippin' up the place
It was good to see The Defekters back on great form and they have a new EP comming out soon, the place was so jammed I didn't get any decent shots of them but hey ho, I was too busy bouncing anyway..

And if you like your Ska/Dub delivered in an excellent style, then of course, The Dub Pistols are one of the bands to go for:-

OK, that was Friday and good though it was, for me the gig on Saturday absolutely blew me away.

Saturday 12/12/15
The Inspiral Trio supported by Peyote.
Fabulous evening with Chris & Chris at Club 85, Peyote (Lee Russell with Brian Hamlin) creating amazing synth soundscapes that reminded me of Tim Blake's Crystal Machine, wonderful solo sets from Dave Sturt, Ian East and Kavus Torabi before the Inspiral Trio transported me to realms beyond the Planet Gong with thier improvised creative genius, a never to be repeated gig and one of those truly magical, "Were you there when......." moments and it was so good to catch up with Kavus again.
This was supposed to be one of the pre-Christmas Fellowship of the Stick 'get togethers' but the dreaded man-flu had struck and taken its toll!
So, under the circumstances what could we do?
Soldier on regardless of course, after all, gigs like this do not come along very often, in fact I'd say "Once in a lifetime".

Man Down, Man Down but we Ambiently Soldiered on

It was planned to be, the Fellowship three
Just Chris and Kevin & Me
But somehow ‘man-flu’ had to intervene
And I guess you all know what that means
To keep us three to keep us strong
Man Down, Man Down, but we soldiered on

Thankfully by Saturday Chris had recovered
But sadly we all too soon discovered
That poor Kevin had now fallen victim to the bug
We tried plan A and we tried plan B
But sometimes you have to soldier on and shrug

So we met as planned in the Victoria pub
For some pre-gig drinks then some chicken grub
And headed off to once more to Club-85
Three tickets for two
Well that just won’t do
So a text from Grant brought the other Chris alive  

Peyote (Lee Russell) master of the keys

A café setting created the ambient feel
And Lee’s Peyote was just unreal
Creating soundscapes reminiscent of
Tim Blake’s Crystal Machine
Then a solo set from Dave, Ian & Kavus
Before the Inspiral Trio would somehow have us
Sonically transported elsewhere, you know what I mean

Majestic ambiance from Peyote (Lee & Brian)

This was way beyond The Planet Gong
Where all good things you know come from
And tonight was just sublime beyond all expectations
So there we were in Hitchin town
We may have been just one man down
But we soldiered on to maintain our reputations

Absolutely inspired, The Inspiral Trio
 For Chris and I were not ourselves
We were in fact both dressed as elves
We felt it was an appropriate thing to do
And what a gig it was that night
Everything just tuned out right
Except of course and you know this is true
We missed ‘Our Kev’.

One of those truly magical musical moments

So, until we spin again, happy Yuletide season.


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