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There is often a bit of a 'gap' between Christmas and New Year, I obviously don't mean a gap in a time wise sense, of course there is a gap of several day's, I mean a gap in the sense that there is often not a lot going on in the way of gigs or entertainment, after all, many people are still tied up in the seemingly endless round of family or friend's visits etc. over the Christmas period.
Public transport is usual completely shot to pieces (As it was on this particular night) but every now and then something comes along to fill that 'gap' in a most wholesome, unexpected and fabulous way.

Now those of you who know me well enough or read this blog regularly will know that as a general rule I am not the biggest fan of 'Tribute' bands, there are several reasons for this, I have seen many tribute bands that have been absolutely spot on musically but absolutely appalling when it comes to the vocals (Which completely spoils it for me), I have also seen so called tribute bands that are in fact pretty rubbish and there is the fact that some, sadly many, people will 'Get off their arses' and go and see a tribute band but can't be bothered to go out and support original live music (As you will know I am most definitely not one of those people but you know what I mean) and what on Earth is the point of a tribute band to any real band that is still going strong? I'd always prefer to go and see the original, anyway, rant over.

Now when it comes to those few tribute bands that do have everything going for them (& us), playing the music of bands that are no longer around or we could now never hope to see live again and who have got everything just right, the music, the vocals, the lighting, the backdrop, the presence, well, on Sunday the 27th December, at, of course Club-85 in Hitchin, we were treated to one of the finest evenings of excellent music in the form of the Pink Floyd tribute band, The Floyd Effect, quite honestly they were not only outstanding, they were somewhere beyond magnificent and they played a wide variety of Pink Floyd's music spanning the whole career of the band and what value for money, they played, yes actually played, for over 3 hours!

Strange though it is, extremely rare that such a thing could happen, but many of us who were there actually agree, The Floyd Effect are beyond doubt the best Pink Floyd tribute band we have ever seen and they played, what was for many of us, "The Gig of the Year" and bearing in mind the number of gigs and festivals we have been to during 2015 this is really saying something!

Lasers & all

 Well, that certainly had the right effect!

There was no pre-gig pubbing
No frills, no fancy dress
This was a night for FOTS to be serious
Seriously impressed
Peter, Chris and I in Bar-85
Celebrating how good it was to be alive
In that time between
Christmas and New Year
Still full of Christmas spirit and good cheer
And a void to be filled
Filled with music of the highest calibre
Musing pleasing to the soul and the ear
Club-85 was packed
Almost certainly sold-out
In fact there was no doubt
Let there be no speculation, no dispute
All these people here, for a tribute?
Indeed, tonight everyone was here to hear
And to see a band who were possibly
About to play the gig of the year!
A tribute to the one and only Pink Floyd
Now normally tributes are bands I avoid
But not these, The Floyd Effect
I can quite honestly say they were the best yet
Musically and vocally just spot on
A light show and back set that couldn’t go wrong
For playing of the music of Pink Floyd

The great gig in the sky
They played two sets over three hours by far
Songs from throughout Pink Floyd’s vast repertoire
Talk about impressed
Knocked out, bowled over, totally blessed
And they played ‘Echoes’
And just how long that song is, everyone knows!

Could this be the gig of the year?
A gig by a tribute band?
If you’d have been there you would understand
Such a thing may be somewhat unusual but well, wow!
A gig that none of us who were there will ever forget
Sunday the 27th December, with The Floyd Effect.

The even played Echoes!

So, is that it for 2015? Possibly not, watch this space, or that space, or the one over there or even this blog, well not this one obviously, maybe the next one! Until then, cheers m'dears.



The Floyd Effect

December 2015

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