Sunday, 31 January 2016


I’ll wear a Bucket on my Head

Friday evening saw me once again heading slightly north on a Hitchin bound train, armed with a promotional bear mat for the Stevenage Winter Beer and Cider Festival which takes place next weekend, it was given to me by my friend, Colin who was on duty at Stevenage station concourse of course before he too headed off to Hitchin.

After a good feed of chicken I headed across to Club-85, the best music venue in North Herts., keeping music alive and tonight what a line up there was, The Astronauts, Krankschaft and Nik Turner’s Inner City Unit.

Availing myself of a comforting pint of The Rev. James in Bar-85 I settled down to wait for Peter and Chris and another friend from work, Dave, no Kev this night as he’d gone down with the lurgi that seems to have plagued many since Skeggy.

As expected there was an excellent turn out for this gig, with Nuzz Prowling Wolf spinning the tunes and visuals before and between the bands we knew were in for an exciting stimulation of the senses, and, at only £10 entry, not at all expensive.

Mark & Dom the Astronauts
The Astronauts hit the stage first, stripped down and semi acoustic, Mark and Dom treated us to some well known Astro’ songs and one of the highlights of the evening it just had to be was when Nik came out to listen and came and said hello to me.

Krankschaft were on next and what a brilliant show, with numbers old and new and the spirit of Robert Calvert so obviously still present they rocked us good and proper.

It was nice to see him again; Kozmic Ken, doing the introductions and bringing the bands on and off, it gave it quite a festival feeling.

Inner City Unit
Then it was time, ICU, which of course in this case was Inner City Unit although the way some people were dancing they may well have needed the Intensive Care Unit afterwards!
With Nik 'Thunder Rider' Turner on saxophone, flute and vocals, the legendary Dino Ferari on drums, Steve Pond from Krankschaft on guitar and Nazar Ali Khan on the bass, this is just as good as it comes.

Thunder Rider in whistful mode

Nik lets rip
So, between Skegness and Hitchin, in just less than a week, I’ve seen, Arthur Brown, Hawkwind, The Astronauts, Krankschaft and Inner City Unit, it’s  most definitely time to wear a bucket on my head!

GM Jan 2016

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