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Now as you may know I occasionally review the odd CD here and there, usually included in one of my live gig reviews but as I'm having a couple of gig free weekends and mainly because Jack asked me so nicely, I had a little listen to Dark Asphyxia's EP, The Executioner' and after doing so I feel it is worthy of a mention.

Heavy Metal, or to be more precise, extreme Heavy Metal is a genre I may have neglected recently so it was nice to get those dark brooding power riffs banging though the old grey matter once again.

Dark Asphyxia are a 4 Piece Death/ Extreme Metal band from Hertfordshire with a current line up of:
Jack Allen - Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar
Lewis Smith - Lead Guitar
Michael Lobb- Bass
Jordan Francis- Drums

I first saw them at Club-85 back in June 2014 when they opened up an evening of Death and Doom Metal
and were sadly plagued by some equipment problems but none the less they soldiered on and gave a good performance full of promise, here's what I had to say back then:

First on were DARK ASPHYXIA, young melodic death metallers from North Herts
To be fair they didn’t have a great time, good potential though, this was after all only their third gig and everyone has to start somewhere, a bit more practise and work on the stagecraft and rhythm section and I’m sure they’ll do just fine.

Well, we all know that practise makes perfect and two and a bit years on the band have really come on and honed the skills that were obvious back then, with THE EXECUTIONER Dark Asphyxia have produced an excellent EP truly worthy of the genre and something that should please a wide audience of Metal fans and something which the band should be proud of.

The band themselves cite Amon Amarth, Carcass, Behemoth, Death, Cannibal corpse, Pantera , Vader and
Arch Enemy as their main influences so should appeal to fans of those bands but I think they have done something quite special with this EP, yes it's extreme, yes it will no doubt be 'labled' as death metal but I personally hate classifications and pigeonholing, each track is different, overall it's well constructed, well recorded and produced and most importantly for me, it's melodic and extremely listenable.

The six track EP opens with "Shot at Dawn" a dark brooding fast number before the excellent bass guitar led intro to the second track "Electric Throne".
Track three "Last Rites" is a bolero, some great rhythms and back beat with some excellent acoustic guitar and vocals, quite Gothic and to me reminiscent of  Fields of the Nephalim as it builds and builds into an absolute crescendo of sound.
Track four, "Gallows" is as you might expect a more 'traditional' death metal number as is the title track "Executioner" which follows.
The last track "Condemned" is an extremely dark and doom laden track, somewhat slower than the rest of the EP but perhaps a fitting way to end, what is, a fine offering from Dark Asphyxia, who have, with this release, really come of age and shown just how good they are.

Don't take my word for it, go have a listen yourself at;

Or visit the band on Facebook at;

Cheers m'dears, until the next time round the plastic spiral.

GM Feb 2016

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