Monday, 22 February 2016


This particular gig turned out to be one featuring a very eclectic mix of bands, the evening sold-out mainly due to the following of and self-promotion by The Saboteurs, Hitchin’s (Nearly new) ‘Supergroup’ but more of them later.

The evening kicked off with ‘Rain the Cult’, for such a young band (By comparison to the others this night) “The boys did good” as they say, actually it’s quite difficult to define their sound not that they need any pigeonholing, they were very entertaining and got the evening off to a fine rocking start with their punk tinged indie with some obvious influences from classic seventies blues rock and even more than a hint of the sixties Mersey-beat sound. They are already good and well worth seeing but if they keep at it they could be mega in a few years’ time, definitely ones to watch out for.

Rain the Cult

Next to grace the stage were London’s ‘Hot Sauce Pony’, another very different sort of sound which they themselves describe as 'Avant Hard' which obviously split the crowd somewhat. With Debbie Harry-esq’ vocals over a dark rocking beat and wall of sound guitar effects, a strange yet somewhat compelling combination which I’m sure would have been a lot better without the constant barrage of loud yacking coming from the back of the room by those whose only interest were yet to play!

Hot Sauce Pony

Highlight of the night for those of us were the ever wonderful 3 men of ‘Thousand Suns’ (For anyone who doesn’t know they were formerly known as Minor Pilot back when they were a four piece). Loud those it was I moved down to the front to get away from the yacking and to get absolutely blown away and immersed in the music.
Another stunning set from Thousand Suns who, like their previous incarnation, deserve far more recognition and a much wider audience, seriously, they are that good.

Thousand Suns

Then came the moment that most of the crowd had been waiting for, The Saboteurs, made up by some well-known names from other popular local bands past and present and it was really good to see Phillip Storey playing rock guitar and obviously having a lot of fun doing so.

Were they as good as all the pre-gig hype? 

One thing they did accomplish was an object lesson in successful self promotion giving Anonymous Productions a well deserved sell out show, something many other bands could learn from.

The Saboteurs

Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed their set, this was rock you could dance to, party hard to, and if you were out for a good time by heck they are a band who would make sure you had one! 
That said, I have to admit that their covers of the Teardrop Explodes ‘Reward’ and David Bowie’s ‘Fashion’ were, for me, the best songs in their set but that’s probably because I was singing along at the top of my voice and jigging about like a mad thing by then!

So who’s complaining? 

After the gig I overheard a small group moaning (Loudly) that they had only enjoyed two out of the four bands that played that night, I had to interject, “Yeah and where else can you see 4 bands for a £5? Surely it’s worth it just for the bands you did like and if the other’s weren’t your particular cup of tea, you don’t have to go and see them again, isn’t that worth a £5 just in itself?” They had to agree!
As for me, I’d have happily spent my fiver just to see Thousand Suns anyway so all the others were a bonus!

The Night a 1000 Suns Shone

We had advance tickets so there was no need to be quick
There was plenty of time for pre gig drinks in ‘The Vic’
Time to discuss future Fellowship plans and adventures
For gigs, festivals and other exciting new ventures

Four of us gathered in the name of the Bear
With stories to swap and memories to share
A few fine ales were sampled as one must do
Before procuring some chicken “one piece or two?”

The gig at Club-85 was sold out this evening
With so many people obviously believing
The pre gig hype about The Saboteurs
But seeing is believing so trust only your ears!

Rain the Cult opened the evening’s musical foray
A fine young band with much promise, one has to say
Then Hot Sauce Pony who were different and strange
But that’s a good thing as we like the odd change

Then came the band that outshone all the rest
1000 Suns who were simply the best
A sublime set that soared to the greatest of heights
Worth every penny of the entrance money tonight

The Saboteurs were the night’s headlining act
And they’d sold most of the tickets and that is a fact
Yes they did rock and yes they were good at it too
But the Sun shone so brightly I’m telling you
That, for me, the night belonged to 1000 Suns

Grant Meaby


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