Saturday, 12 March 2016


It's often quite interesting to find out where a band's name comes from, North Herts Metallers, DORYLUS take their name from a species of (Predominantly African) Army Ant that tends to swarm en mass as they search for new sources of food and, if their debut EP The Rapture is anything to go by then Dorylus are poised to swarm all over the local metal scene and beyond with a pure and honest ferocity that is rare in a band who have only been 'on the circuit' for a year or so!

Dorylus are,  Joe Davies on Guitar/lead Vocals, Craig Carmichael on Guitar, Tommy Oliver on Bass and Mitch Cartwright on Drums.

That the band themselves cite their major influences as Iron maiden, MachineHead, Metallica, DevilDriver, Lamb Of God, Children of Bodom, In Flames, Meshuggah, Strapping young lad and Fear Factory is no surprise when you listen to The Rapture however they manage to skilfully avoid that often sprung trap of sounding just like a pastiche of all the bands that have ever influenced them through their skillfully crated songs and great musicianship creating a sound that is very much Dorylus's own.

So, to The Rapture, as a debut EP this is a fine offering, six very different tracks which not only hang together nicely but also go a long way to illustrate and showcase each member of the bands talented musicianship and show us just what they can achieve together as a band.

The EP opens with Eternal,  a short intro which is a dark brooding piece of almost classical music that could easily grace the soundtrack for some disturbing Goth Vampire movie and this leads you unsuspectingly but nicely into Desolation which is an absolute blast of a thrash metal number and if you thought things couldn't get any faster or more frantic then stand by for Deceiving the Pure which kicks off like an out of control freight train before hitting those slower breakdowns, Icepick Lobotomy despite the title actually starts with a superbly melodic guitar intro and the penultimate track, Corporate Pollution kicks off with a great rhythm lead, all that has gone before takes us nicely to the last track and that of course being the title track of the EP, The Rapture which is a work of epic proportions and an excellent example of the genre, so, all in all a damn fine first offering from Dorylus, I hope to 'catch' them live soon.

The Rapture is available on Spotify, i-Tunes, etc. and all the various links you'll need can be found on the band's Facebook Page:-

So for now, that's it folks, see you next time round the plastic spiral.
GM March 2016

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