Monday, 7 March 2016


Now here is a question for you.

In a post-apocalyptic world with no power and few resources would it still be possible to create amazing music?

The answer is;
Of course it would, no end of world tribal music is surely enough proof of that, but what of our (So called) western style of music?

Well, on Saturday the 5th March 2016 in David’s Book & Record Store in Letchworth Garden City, that wonderful rag-tag bunch of folky punksters, Fishwife’s Broadside treated us to a completely 100% acoustic performance as they launched the vinyl release of their single “Just One Revolution” & “Stuffin’ n’ Starvin’ which was available on the day as a limited edition hand numbered copy, complete with lyrics, stickers and also a CD version including several more classic Fishwife’s songs and all for a mere £5.

It’s funny how some people can completely miss the joke isn’t it, as one less than astute music fan stated, “If it was 100% acoustic how come the singer is holding a microphone?”, well, I can assure you he wasn’t, Andy was in fact holding a hairbrush!

This is not a microphone, OK, maybe it is for today!
Now be honest, which budding teenage wannabe pop or rock star hasn’t used their hairbrush as a microphone, singing away to the mirror?

That was all part of the joke, part of the fun atmosphere that Fishwife’s create, quirky catchy songs that are more often than not highly ‘politically’ charged or are covering difficult to talk about subjects but with genuine honesty and with typically English humour, dry, very dry, humour it must be said but in many of their songs there are some incredibly astute observations on life in general and of course delivered with excellent showmanship & damn fine musicianship.

Fishwifes Broadside in full flow
A good crowd turned up for this wonderful free gig and looking around the audience you could spot many notables from the North Herts / South Beds music scene, I’ll not be so crass as to name names but it was ‘one of those gigs’, one of those truly magical afternoons that if you were there you will remember for many a year to come and if you weren’t and like this sort of music you’d be forgiven for kicking yourself to bits for missing it!

Yes, 100% acoustic!
Acoustic Platform – Fishwife's Broadside at David’s

Chris and I went to Weatherspoon’s
In old Letchworth Garden City
On Saturday the 5th of March because
Let’s cut to the nitty gritty
An awesome gig was going down
At David’s book and record store
We were off to see Fishwife’s Broadside
Playing acoustically, what’s more

Singing their folky punky songs
They’d be live with no amplification
Astute observations about all things
And about the state of the nation
But first there were many fine ales to be drunk
And good food to be procured
The wonderful ‘specials’ of the day
Just could not be ignored

Spicy grilled chicken and peppers
On long kebab sticks made out of wood
With chips and dips and salady stuff
It was really rather good
The poor girl serving behind the bar
With the long blond tied back hair
Well she seemed to have fun working the till
It was if she wasn’t all there!

A tenner and some CAMRA tokens
To pay for two pints of beer
And I got more change than I could imagine
Well never mind my dear!
She did it again a bit later on
When Chris procured a round
It’s amazing sometimes when you find out
Just how far goes your humble pound!

Well watered and well fed we went
To hear Fishwife’s Broadside sing
A magical Saturday afternoon
Such joys doth such music bring
Then another quick pint in Weatherspoon’s
While the band packed up their gear
Then on to “The Platform” for a pint with them
And to share more splendid cheer

So armed with the band’s new single
We made our fond fare- thee-wells
Happily merry and well satisfied
As if you couldn’t tell!
So thank you Fishwife’s Broadside
For a jolly splendid afternoon
And Chris for his excellent company
Let’s do it again and soon!

Grant Meaby

March 2015

A splendid gig indeed

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  1. Not only was I there, I also bought the 'single' and rather good it is too. I have it blasting thru the liquid-cooled big buggers as I write.
    The 'hairbrush' mic' was a hoot, not sure I'd like to use one tho' as I tend to get a bit close to 'em ?
    Good gig, and all kudos to Fishwife's for doing it and David's for putting on the fourteen-legged (on the day)monster...