Friday, 8 April 2016

Just a Quickie - Midnight Drives and The Nimblewits at The Red Lion, Stevenage

What to do on a Thursday night? 
Well, SoundARC Promotions Acoustic Night at the Red Lion Stevenage seemed like a good idea as the original line up for this particular evening was to include Luke Tuchscherer, Midnight Drives and The Nimblewits. 
Unfortunately Luke was down with a nasty throat infection and with no replacement available at short notice it was down to Midnight Drives and The Nimblewits to play extended sets and so that's indeed what happened.

Midnight Drives are a three piece acoustic country-folk tinged trio of well known local singer songwriters, Owen Stephen, Steph Scott and Cara Beard, all accomplished artists in their own right but together, wow!

Midnight Drives are a real class act and well worth going out to see, they will be playing a full band gig at Club-85 in Hitchin on Thursday the 28th April so there you go, your chance!
They played an absolutely excellent set to a very happy Red Lion crowd which of course included myself and my friends.

Midnight Drives

Rambling over from Bedford we had Craig, Genevieve & Rich, The Nimblewits.
Another three piece outfit, more happy pop-folk / indie-country they had a hard job to follow Midnight Drives and by now to [play to a much reduced crowd and with a lot more background noise but they were fun and I enjoyed them and would love to see them again in a more receptive environment, it's a shame Genevieve didn't get her fiddle out but for me anyway, they done good as they say!

The Nimblewits

SoundARC-Promotions is, as the name might suggest, the live 'wing' of the SoundARC Recording Studios and Andy works hard to bring us live music of all different genres at a variety of venues, one of the unsung heroes keeping live music alive, so prise yourselves off your sofas, swith off  the TV and go out and see something live!

April 2016

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