Monday, 11 April 2016


Now it is very rare for me to post anything about cover bands, however, The Goodges (Mark & Emma Goodjohn) doing their “Rock Out with The Goodges” thing are;

a) A duo so not strictly a band

b) The founder members and driving force behind the exceptional rock band ‘Soulweaver’

c) Have been making fine music together for 15 years and are celebrating that in style throughout 2016 with loads of rare material releases andnew remixes

d) As Rock Out play a set of classic rock / pop-rock songs like no other cover band you’ve ever heard!

e) Are guaranteed to give you a damn fine night out

f) Often throw in the odd Soulweaver original song here and there!

Mark & Emma
So, Saturday night, 9th April, The Rose, Biggleswade and despite the fact that there were a host of potentially good gigs to go to in the Herts, Beds & Bucks area that night, for me, there really was only one choice, not just because it was The Goodges and I really wanted to catch up with Mark & Emma again but because this was our Roger’s birthday celebration as well as someone else’s, a host of friends were going including a goodly contingent from The Fellowship and it also promised to be a pretty sizeable turn out from ‘The Weavers’ (Soulweaver’s dedicated fans) all in all these were all the right ingredients for a fine rocking party which indeed it turned out to be.

A Rare Meating of Metal Sausage T's
Mark (Goodge) is an exceptional guitarist and uses the absolute minimum of basic effects preferring to really play his guitar to recreate the sound of whichever guitarist / band / song they are playing and with his lovely wife Emma (M), one of the best bass players you’ll ever be likely to see, laying down exceptionally spot on bass lines whilst leaping about in a way that would leave an aerobics instructor floored, they use only primarily a drum backing for their ‘Rock Out’ show, seriously, it is that good!

By request they did of course play a few Soulweaver classics during their sets, not only did they stand up well against the well-known sing along anthems but the transitions were almost unobservable, it just goes to show how good the Soulweaver material is and it’s no surprise why the Goodges / Soulweaver are regularly booked to play a lot of  classic rock festivals  both here in the UK and in Europe.

As they got going the pub rapidly filled with the pub’s regulars, rock fans, Weavers galore and of course the two birthday party groups, it was a damn fine evening of great music played to an exceptionally high standard, my only regret is that I had to leave slightly before the end in order to catch a train home but then again, so did Roger the birthday boy, albeit in the opposite direction but he had had a damn good time and that my friends is what it is, or should be, all about.

Rocking Out with The Goodges

Forgoing Colouryde and the Astronauts
And the mighty S*M*A*S*H
Or Cheezy & The Helmits
It was Roger’s birthday bash
So it was off and away to Biggleswade
To find the Pub called Rose
To meet up with Alex, Chris and Roger
Sometimes that’s just the way it goes
The Goodges were really rocking
So we all had a damn good time
They even played some Soulweaver songs
So that was mighty fine
The main thing was that it was time well spent
Among the best of friends
With great music being played anyway
And that’s how this poem ends!

April 2016

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  1. Glad to read Roger was allowed a night out in the community for his birthday .... The Goodges sure have come a long way since The Market Bar....absolutely love their take on Mr Blue Sky .... and so wish my ex hadn't nicked the CD, (mind you she was a Tinderbox groupie so I should have known!) Seeing the metal sausage pic reminded me I near wet myself at the C.R.F in 2014 when you guys were doing your interpretive mime/dance for Mr So & So's Apopis... cheers, Graham (Inverness)

    1. Cheers Graham, we do try to get Roger out now and again under supervision! CRF 2014 Mr So & So, what a blast, I think there is a video of our 'dance' somewhere on Youtube! Infamy at last.