Tuesday, 31 May 2016


This time it's seems to be all about Lions!
On Thursday 27th of May it was most definitely Metal Night at the Red Lion in Stevenage and on Saturday it was musical mayhem, fun and laughter at the White Lion in Baldock with G la Roche.

@ The Red

The evening kicked off with local Sludge / Doom nutters Slaine, seriously metal but also somewhat tongue in cheek, I'm not saying whose tongue in whose cheeks or even which cheeks but they certainly kicked the evening off most entertainingly!


Next up were The Air Turned to Acid, also more Doom oriented but, as you might expect with accomplished musicians on board there was some excellent technical guitar work in their music (If somewhat loud for the confines of 'The Red'), damn fine performance though.

The Air Turned to Acid

And then came the moment I and it seemed many others had been waiting for, Dorylus, since I reviewed their EP "The Rapture" (I have been getting hits worldwide on that particular review) but they had also won through all the heats to the final of Metal to the Masses, sadly they didn't win in the end but the exposure must have done them good and won them many more fans, at last I was seeing them live and by all things metal and beer, they did not disappoint, they were, quite frankly, bloody superb.


@ the White

So that was Thursday night, next along it was Saturday night at the White Lion in Baldock for the pub's beer festival and music, suitably supplied by the one and only Mr G La Roche who played a set that went on and on and on (Only joking) for two hours and a bit absolutely non stop! We had sing alongs, sing along competitions, dancing, he dueted with Roxy Searle and suitably dressed up for the Queen segment! I have not laughed so long and so hard at so many points during G's wonderful gig which was magnificently entertaining throughout, where did that time go and how did I manage to consume so many damn fine ales during it?

Mr. G La Roche

A wonderful duet with Roxy

Suitable attired for the Queen section

The links are provided so please use them to explore these artists yourselves.

So, all in all, a couple of great nights that had to be 'captured' in the usual way:-

Music & Beer & Good Cheer

On Thursday night there was just the two of us
At The Red Lion in Stevenage to see Dorylus
Yes, Chris and I were getting our metal on
A genre we had neglected for far too long
Slaine were loud and somewhat tongue in cheek
The Air Turned to Acid were hardcore tech metal freaks
Dorylus were in a different class
So it’s no surprise to us
That they made it to the final of Metal to the Masses
So we raised our glasses
And drank our fill
Of a splendid night of metal

Saturday was a very different kind of event
Another of those “I’m so glad we went”
To Baldock, to the White Lion Beer Festival
Beer and Festival says it all!
Apart from the splendid ales, for Kevin, Chris, Peter and me
It was G La Roche we’d come to see
The evening was bright and warm
And G was on splendid form
Playing a two and a quarter hour long set
Without a break, one of his best yet
There was one of those moments, wonderful to see
When he performed a duet with the lovely Roxy
We had sing alongs galore
And what’s more
Kevin treated us to the Timewarp moves
Which just goes to prove
A fine beer or two (or several) will remove
All inhibitions, help you go on longer
We even danced a Conga!
It was indeed a most splendid evening
Of music and beer
And what’s most important, good cheer.

Grant Meaby

Cheers all, until the next time. GM (The 'other' G!)

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