Thursday, 12 May 2016


OK, no frills, no weird stuff, just a simple punters eye view of a fantastic night out in London.

For once everything seemed to go like clockwork, the train to London was on time, changing to the tube at Finsbury Park I got straight on a Piccadilly line train to Leicester Square, manged to take the correct exit and head up the road to the big Weatherspoon's to grab a quick pint and say "Hi" to those House of Progression notables Jon Patrick, Stacy Doller and Roger Marsh along with Eddie and Jane Armstrong, as they (Apart from Jane and Eddie who, like me, had already eaten) were enjoying some of Weatherspoons finest meals so I made my exit and headed up to The Pillars of Hercules to meet up with Gary Mackenzie and Matt Howes (Of The Mighty Handful) for a long overdue catch up and the reason we were here, why, of course it was another very special House of Progression gig at The Borderline.

At the Borderline itself it was great to catch up with Alison Reijman and Buzz Elliot (Hammerhead & solo) among many others that I've not seen for far too long, anyway, I was really looking forward to seeing Peter Jones a.k.a. Tiger Moth Tales and seeing, for the first time, a band that I had only ever heard 'On line' before and never seen live, Moon Safari.

Peter Jones - Tiger Moth Tales
Tiger Moth Tales is the brain child of Nottinghamshire based musician and writer Peter Jones, who has been involved in the music industry performing around the UK and recording his own material since the late 90s, at fifteen months of age Pete lost his sight due to Retinoblastoma, from a very early age he was into all things musical and at the age of four had his first piano!
In his own words;
"Music has always been a huge part of my life. How much of that was influenced by my sight loss it's impossible to say, but I've always had a knack of picking up music by ear pretty quickly." (Pete)

Anyone who has ever had the privilege of seeing Peter perform live will know that he has the amazing ability to play keyboards and guitar at the same time (His guitar is mounted flat above the keyboards) whilst adding percussion etc. via foot pedals and singing at the same time too!

Tiger Moth Tales debut album Cocoon and the second under that name, Story Tellers Part 1 are both fantastic works and well worth adding to anyone’s collection as is his latest collaboration with the band REDBAZAR, Tales from the Bookcase which is simply stunning.
Peter's two albums of Genesis covers are also still available as downloads with all proceeds going to Guide Dogs, so grab yourself some great music and help an excellent cause at the same time.

Peter is above all a consummate entertainer switching with ease from the serious to the more light hearted numbers and on this night at the Borderline he was on top form also leading a wonderful Genesis sing along set that had the crowd in raptures!
During the quieter numbers it was amazing, a full Borderline and if it wasn’t for Peter and his music you could have heard a pin drop, he quite rightly and deservedly held the audience spellbound.

Moon Safari were formed in 2003 in Skellefteå, Sweden and are a progressive rock band,  playing predominantly symphonic rock, although their music does incorporate many different styles with intricate and amazing vocal harmonisation, acoustic & electric instrumentals and with lyrics covering such subjects as love, nature, childhood etc.
In general, their lyrics tend to describe all ranges of our human ideas and emotions and the world in which we all inhabit.
With superb structure and stunning musicianship they manage to avoid the cliche's often associated with many progressive rock bands.

Moon Safari
Simon Åkesson - Keyboards and Vocals
Petter Sandström - Guitar and Vocals
Pontus Åkesson - Guitar and Vocals
Johan Westerlund - Bass Guitar and Vocals
Mikael Israelsson- Drums and Vocals
Sebastian Åkesson - Keyboards and Vocals

Moon Safari
Fresh from their previous nights performance supporting Yes at the RAH tonight was most definitely their night with a two hour slot to fill they certainly did it, themselves and the punters absolute justice, a truly wonderful and stunning performance drawing from their ever growing back catalogue (See the set list) which had the audience singing along, bopping about or like many, stood in absolute bliss being transported by the music, one of the best live performances I have ever been privileged to witness and overall one of the best gigs by far of this year,(so far).

The Set List

The Acapella ending of the Moon Safari set was stunning
So, all I really have left to say is a huge thank you to The House of Progression for putting on this truly wonderful gig.

Grant - May 2016

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