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Music features heavily during the Baldock Festival, it all kicked off with some great bands and artists at the Baldock Beer Festival and this weekend saw "Sounds of Baldock", a three day event featuring a host of great artists and bands in some of the venues that host Balstock (2nd Weekend in September), Sounds of Baldock is not only very much part of the Baldock Festival but is also the main fund raising event for Balstock.

Now, surprising as it may seem, this is just the sort of event that The Fellowship of the Stick really support and get involved with wherever possible, so, without further ado;

Sounds of Baldock – May 2016

Sounds of Baldock was like a mini Balstock
Although not so mini really one has to say
Considering the number of venues involved
And the number of bands and artists who played

On Friday we saw Midnight Drives then Sara Ashley
On the main stage at the Engine
Then we wandered down to the Broken Drum
Caught Neil Stanton and Christopher Andrews sing

Then it was back the Engine this time inside
For No Sleep Till Bedtime with the brothers La Roche
I had to stay ‘till the end ‘cos my train was cancelled
Sometimes public transport is such tosh!

Midnight Drives

Sara Ashley

Neil Stanton

Christopher Andrews

No Sleep Til Bedtime
On Saturday it was back to the Engine
Piston Groovy opened up for the day
Then Eddie La Roche with his flamenco
Good grief can that man play!

Indie and the Vegas came on next
With their funky soulful sound
It’s always good to catch these guys
On the rare occasion that they’re around

It was time to wander off to the Boot
For the Blues Blaggers debut live set
I have to say that they were outstanding
The best band of the weekend yet!

50 Shades of Green Day (That’s Lynne’s boys and Steve)
Rocked up the Boot with some gusto
Then we wandered just down the street to the Cock
Thankfully not far to go

Cara Beard played an excellent set
That has us all singing along
She was even joined by a young lad ‘Beat Boxer’
It’s a shame it was just for one song!

Then the evening was brought to a fantastic close
By Schrodinger’s Strings (one guitar and two harps)
After such a fabulous day of great music
It was time to rest before the next day starts!

Piston Groovy

Eddie La Roche

Indie and the Vegas

The Blues Blaggers

The Blues Blaggers again

50 Shades of Green Day

Cara Beard

Scrodinger's Strings
Sunday afternoon was all spent at the Engine
For Adiescar and then chaotic punk from Vacant
Then Near Moments with Adi on vocals and violin
And that’s where the afternoon went!

Early evening kicked off with a band called Coarse
Good and rocky and heavy 
But by then I was completely done in
By the sun, lack of sleep and the bevy

So what a splendid weekend all round
Raising money for Balstock so remember
The best festival there is for miles around
Happens on the 2nd weekend of September
And that’s Balstock!



Near Moments


All of the artists and bands featured here have their own Facebook pages and websites, Soundcloud pages etc. Please do go and check them out and remember remember, the 2nd weekend of September is Balstock!
So finally a huge thank you to all the Balstock crew and to all the venues who hosted the music and to all the punters who came along and donated so generously, what a fabulous weekend it was!

Grant Meaby

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