Monday, 27 June 2016


Firstly a big shout out to Andy Sinclair at SoundArc for continuing to put on some of the most splendid and free gigs on at The Red Lion in Stevenage, last Thursday was a breath of fresh air, one of those very special gigs that you are just so glad you went along to!.

So, to beat the doom and gloom of the Referendum what batter way to spend the evening seeing two excellent bands in the company of a good friend and lashings of damn fine ale!

First on were local Hitchin band Foxfield who manage to blend Alt Rock, Art Rock, Math Rock and a bit of Post Hardcore in a very melodic, complex and entrancing way, with great audience interaction and stage presence, the way the front man looks and moves reminds me so much of a young version of Kavus Torabi which, all in all, made for a damn fine set indeed.



Now when it comes to instrumental rock there are several bands I like but the top three just have to be The Fierce And The Dead, 1000 Suns and the wonderful Crap Crab, who I had not seen for far too long and who, on this night were on absolutely stomping form, promoting their current album,Volume 1 they really rocked the Red.
Even better was the fact that they were selling their entire back catalogue for a mere £11 and, not having had a chance to pick up the early stuff previously, for me & Chris it was a bargain not to be missed!

Crap Crab

Crap Crab

So, once again, thanks Andy & SoundArc Promotions for putting on these wonderful gigs, may it long continue.

Anything but Crap

Another Thursday evening
And again it’s just me and Chris
Another SoundArc gig at ‘The Red’
That we just couldn’t miss
Foxfield with their math rock
And the instrumental Crap Crab
It turned out to be pretty awesome
One of the best nights this year we’ve had
Both bands were on fine form
Crap Crab especially so
With their complete back catalogue on sale
For a mere £11 a go
Now we love our instrumental rock
And if it can’t be The Fierce and the Dead
Then there is always 1000 Suns
Or Crap Crab to see instead
And so it was this Thursday
And it may have just been Chris and me
But thanks to SoundArc Andy
The gig was completely free
And Crap Crab are anything but crap!

Grant Meaby

GM June 2016

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