Saturday, 11 June 2016


So there we were, Peter and I, the sole members of the Fellowship upon this night, down at the Red Lion in Stevenage on Thursday for the SoundArc Acoustic Sessions.
This was one I had been waiting for, Luke Tuchscherer, postponed from the the last time he was due to appear when unfirtunately he was unwell.
This night held a lovely surprise, Claudia McKenzie, perhaps better known for her outstanding bass playing in bands such as Split Whiskers and 4th Labyrinth as well as with her own band, Claudia and the Braidy Bunch, tonight she was here in her solo singer songwriter persona, I Claudia and what a simply wonderful set she played.
Filling up the middle slot was Jay Aldridge, another brilliant young singer songwriter whose strum and slap style is something to be seen (& heard) to be believed, we very much enjoyed him too.
Luke was on absolute top form, singing songs from his 1st solo album, a couple from the forthcoming album and what a delight, a few Whybirds numbers too as well as a couple of crowd pleaser sing along / dance along tunes, all in all another absolutely fabulous night thanks to Andy and the SoundArc Live promotions.

I Claudia

Jay Aldridge

Acoustically Amazing

So there we were
Peter and I
Another Thursday night
My how time does fly!
The SoundArc Acoustic Sessions
At the Red Lion
A night I’d had my eye on
For a number of weeks
As unfortunately last time
He was due to play
Upon his sick bed he did lay
The one and only Luke Tuchscherer
But not tonight
Tonight he was shining bright
A rare chance to see Luke
Sing his poignant country blues
Up close and personal
And that’s not all
A very special surprise
I could hardly believe my eyes
Claudia McKenzie was also playing
A solo acoustic set
In her persona of I Claudia
And damn fine she was too
As was Jay Aldridge
With his outstanding strum and slap style
He made us all smile
When on one song
The looping went sort of wrong
But it didn’t matter at all
And then came Luke
Singing one or two new songs
And songs from his 1st album
Joy of joys
He sang a few of the Whybirds
And for the audience’s fun
The odd cover to sing along
All in all it was quite simply
Acoustically amazing.

Luke Tuchscherer

Grant Meaby

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