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As many North Herts music fans will know 2016 is the 25th anniversary of Rhythms of the World and this year, for many reasons, it was not possible to put on the usual 2 day festival at The Priory so, to keep the ball rolling and to celebrate the anniversary it was decided to go right back to the roots and put on a number of community events throughout the year, including of course many musically based ones and the weekend of Friday 8th through to Sunday 10th July at Club-85.
I was lucky enough to be able to go along and support the Friday night gig, Music from Around the Corner and of course was fully involved in the Arcadeclectic Stage day on Sunday.

On Friday from The Fellowship there was just Chris and me
We supported Roger King as there were some great bands to see

Young alt-rockers English Manner were the first to grace the stage
They played a good set which we quite enjoyed even at our age!

English Manner

Next to step onto the boards, the effervescent Late Homecoming
With their catchy high octane indie songs Club-85 was buzzing

Late Homecoming

Then came the discovery of the night, a band we’d not seen before
Points were amazingly excellent we’ll see them again for sure

Another highlight was Thousand Suns who blazed and brightly shone  
Instrumental rock that blew us all away I wished it could go on and on

Thousand Suns
Scar City headlined this particular night and quite rightly so
An object lesson in what Metal’s all about in case you didn’t know

Scar City
An eclectic mix of music, home grown and from the local scene
So well done and thank you Roger, Club-85 and the Rhythms team.

On Sunday it was our turn!

A lot was riding on this day as it was to be our final one
After this gig the Arcadeclectic Stage in its current form was done
There are so many reasons why we’re winding up this team
All them are valid and given time I’m sure you’ll know what I mean
But we weren’t going to fizzle out or just simply fade away
We were going out in a blaze of glory and Sunday was OUR day!

Chris Ripple introduced the day
The Blues Blaggers
The Blues Blaggers opened up our show and good grief were they good
Guess who had to follow them with the first poetry set, me if I only could!
I chose a set on a common theme, that of music to be precise
It all seemed to go down well with the crowd which was a relief and jolly nice

Me in full flow, picture courtesy of Lunar Midnight Photography (Emma Byrne) with kind permission.
The Fellowship were there in numbers with Kevin, Chris and Peter too
Friends galore and some of the other bands and our sound and lighting crew
Next cane Urban Myth with their wonderful catchy folky songs
With our mate Ade on the banjo while little Polly danced along

Urban Myth

Purple Dread (That’s our Joy Chance) performed a truly excellent poetry set
Indeed this day was shaping up to be, one of our best yet

Purple Dread
Don Court was the next one to perform and he did a fine job this day
His own penned songs are so intimate and have so much to say

Don Court
Then came our own Chris Ripple who was truly an inspiration
With The Blood Sisters on one backing track an absolute sensation

Chris Ripple
Steve White and the Protest Family had us all in fits of laughter
With their humorous acerbic political songs, what on earth could follow after?

Steve White and the Protest Family
A real treat and very much in keeping with the Arcadeclectic philosophy
We had a short film about Gambian music, we couldn’t have done at the priory
The film was shot by Haddy, who along with Chris, provided all the food
The most amazing of African delights it was really rather good

Before you could think or turn around or even blink an eye
It seemed that somehow so quickly the afternoon had just gone by
And still they came in ones and two’s and even threes and fours
Our dream fulfilled by all those lovely people coming through the door

The evening kicked off in superb style with Pog up from Brighton on the coast
As for CD’s, merchandise and ‘tat’ it seemed they had the most!

The Astronauts
The Astronauts played a blinding set so good they were this night
That to follow them any band would have to work hard to get it right

Chron Gen
And Chron Gen really did the business as they played the final slot
After which the team said our goodbyes and my friends that’s your lot! 

So was it a success? Did we go out in a blaze of glory?

You bet your life we did, we more than covered our costs, we made a healthy profit, as in we managed to raise a significant amount of money for Rhythm’s of the World, we gave our dedicated supporters and the other wonderful music fans who came a long a damn fine day to remember and what’s more, we had fun doing it.

Special thanks to Bob Mardon and all the staff at Club-85 especially Dan and Tom who did such a fantastic job on the sound and lighting, to Emma for the official photography to all the Arcadeclectic Crew whether they were there on the day or not (You know who you are), all the bands, poets and artists, stage riggers, sound and light engineers we've ever worked with and of course for all the wonderful support from the music fans near and far, and finally to the ROTW commitees past and present for letting us do it, it has been quite a 'ride'.

And it's goodnight from us. Left to right, Frank, Haddy, Chris, Roger & me (Unfortunately Joy had to leave before) - Picture courtesy of Lunar Midnight Photography (Emma Byrne) by kind permission.

Remember,all of the bands and artists have Facebook pages, Soundcloud pages etc, please please please check them out, don't forget to check out ROTW too to see what's going on now and in the future, I am now somewhat of an emotional wreck musically speaking, so, until the next time, cool runnings one and all, GM, July 2016.

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