Tuesday, 27 September 2016

£4 - You must be Joking? St Clair, Owen Stephen, Dan Bond and Kev Maher at Club-85

£4 - To see St Clair, Owen Stephen, Dan Bond and Kev Maher at Club-85,  you must be Joking?
Actually it's no joke, that's all it cost on Sunday night for what turned out to be an awesome gig!

So, this time, if you're not adverse, I'll let the verse say it all.

You must be joking!

A mere four quid
To see four original bands?
This must be the cheapest
Gig in the land!
Nothing finer for a Sunday night
And such a class evening
More than just alright
So there we were
Just myself and Chris
And dozens of others
At a gig not to miss
St Clair opened the evening
And they’re a fine act
We’d seen them at Balstock
Quite a crowd they attract

St Clair

Then came Owen Stephen
Singing his own solo songs
Backed by a band
So fine and so strong

Owen Stephen
Dan Bond was on next
What a great performer
Again backed by a band
This gig was a stormer

Dan Bond
Then it was of course
The turn of Kev Maher
For his EP launch
Could it get any better?
He had the crowd dancing
And singing along
With his own great material
And the odd cover song

Kev Maher
EP’s for sale at just three quid a go
And a mere four quid entry
How they do it I don’t know
That’s just a quid each
For four first class bands
The best value evening
Anywhere in the land
It’s no joke
Keeping live music live
And where was all this happening?
At Club-85.

Grant Meaby
Sept 2016

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