Thursday, 15 September 2016


First and foremost: On behalf of myself and all my many freinds that went to Balstock 2016 I want to say a HUGE thankyou to G La Roche and all the Balstock team and all the artists and bands that made this year's Balstock the absolutely brilliant festival that it was.

So if you want to know all about Balstock and what it is I strongly suggest that you visit the official website:-

Or visit the official Facebook pages and give them a 'Like':-

Or the Public Page:-

Anyway, Balstock is one of those festivals that The Fellowship of the Stick strongly support, not only is it 'Local' for us but some of us are completely involved (Smiffy & Lynne), some of us 'Shake a bucket' when and where we can, some of us (Smiffy again) are in some of the bands that play as are some of our sons and daughters!
That said Balstock is not just a festival for local bands and artists, these days it is a truly international festival with bands from Spain and Holland among others taking part + artists from all over the UK, as it says above, "The Best Festival you've never heard of".

Balstock is organised and run by volunteers, the bands and artists play for free and during the weekend money is raised for a number of charities, one national and others much closer to home, this year the main aim was to raise money for the Alzheimer's Society which is a really worthy cause indeed that affects many of us directly or indirectly.

Anyway, music, beer, freinds, fellowship, bloody good times all round, how did it go this year?

Balstock 2016

Balstock music festival 2016 
Was one of the best we’ve ever seen
With so many venues artists and bands
It’s now one of the biggest in the land
And so well organised and as you’ll see
It’s all done for charity and it’s all free!

Friday saw us where once it all did begin
At the big marquee stage at the pub The Engine
The Fellowship were there in force that night
To support 50 Shades of Greenday (Our Smiffy) alright
Permission to dance and Tequila Mockingbird
Were the other bands we saw and heard
Before catching the main man which just had to be done
G La Roche at Khoi Khoi (The Broken Drum)

50 Shades of Greenday

Permission to Dance

Tequilla Mockingbird

Mr Balstock himself, G La Roche

Saturday saw us at The Folkstock stage
With such quality music being played
Before the craziness of Vacant at The Boot
And some other bands and artists on the route
To the various venues throughout the town
Where loads of good music was just going down
And the places were packed despite the rain
Which was inconvenient and a bit of a pain
But what the heck it didn’t spoil our fun
There was still lots of good music yet to be done



Pete Guy

St Clair
Vacant + Fender Teddy!
Neil Stanton
One band some of us just had to go and see
Were The Blues Blaggers at The Orange Tree
And they smashed it with such a fine set
One of the best I’ve seen them play yet
Then I hightailed it back to The Rose and Crown
Where 4th Labyrinth were laying it down
We managed to catch a bit of the high street main stage
Before The Kut at the Engine before calling it a day

The Blues Blaggers

4th Labyrinth

The Kut
Sunday came around and the Sun was shining
As they say “Every cloud has a silver lining”
And for a slight hangover there was no better cure 
Than a beer or two with friends sitting outdoors
Back at the White Lion for Folkstock part-2
Starting beautifully and quietly as you do
Before spending some time at the main stage
To see young Izzy Rowland who’s so good for her age
Then back to Folkstock for Daria and more
This is just what summer Sundays really are for

Nia and the Gramophones

Fay Brotherhood

Steve Warner
Daisy Bell

Zoe Wren

Izzy Rowland on the main stage
Daria Kulesh

The Daisy Bell Trio

Kaity Rae
The main stage was calling us back once again
To see Horror Business all the way from Seville in Spain
Then Ritn Ditn who are just about the best party rock band
Once again they’d travelled over from their native Holland
With beach balls and bananas and the infamous ironing board
We loved it, we joined in, the crowd just roared
The atmosphere was amazing everything was just fine 
And we still had the headliners the wonderful Darline!

Horror Business

Ritn Ditn

So that was the main stage over and done
It had been a great Balstock so good and such fun
But the music wasn’t over not yet, not gone
There were still many venues that were carrying on
So we saw The Zipheads at the Engine who were excellent
Then off to Khoi Khoi is where we next went
For a great sing along session with Owen and Steph
And along the way a host of special guests

The Zipheads

Owen & Steph and just who are those special guests?

So I simply end with a huge I thank you
To G a Roche and the whole Balstock Crew
And to all who entertained us, the artists and bands 
What a festival, what a weekend, the best in the land!
Balstock 2016, you were,  A MA ZING.

Grant Meaby
September 2016


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    1. My pleasure entirely, what a wicked Balstock it was this year.