Tuesday, 6 September 2016


Having been away on holiday (& that's another story) I missed one of the small local festivals that everyone who went is talking about as being one of the best they've ever been too! Sod's law but maybe next year I'll get to Melbourn Rock Club's "Reaperfest", anyway, back in the Shires there was one gig I was just not going to miss and that was My Baby at Club-85,
My Baby are an international band with a huge following so it was quite a coup to get them at Club-85.
It is extremely difficult to categorise or pigeon-hole My Baby's music, they are quite simply unique, they even describe themselves as "Delta Trance Louisiana Dub Indie Funk!" What My Baby do is make absolutely unique, superb and incredibly danceable rock music, as FMS magazine put it:
"My Baby fearlessly fuse funk and gospel, mix finger-picking folk/blues with a few drops of Indian slide guitar, add a few shots of African inspired riffs, and shake it up all up with a generous measure of the haunting, ethereal, sultry and often powerful vocals of charismatic and captivating lead singer, Cato"

Here I must say a huge thank you to Emma Byrne and her Lunar Midnight Photography for allowing me to use her band photo's (Mine really were crap!), so, all the photo's of the bands are of course Copyright of Lunar Midnight Photography.

So, the evening kicked off in fine style with the (sadly) farewell gig from Rain the Cult, this damn fine band of young rockers really put on a splendid show that had the audience all nicely warmed up and bouncing ready for My Baby.

Rain the Cult

My Baby

After the gig I was hot, sweaty and well and truly knackered, I've not danced like that for so long, My Baby were outstanding, infectious and down right brilliant!

What a Night

I may have been away for Reaperfest
And by the sound of it, it was one of the best
Oh well, you can’t win them all
But there was a night I wasn’t going to miss
And I’m so glad I didn’t
Even more pleased I went
As there was a great Fellowship turn out to boot
Not only a Kevin and a Chris
But a Peter and a Hazel too
Whoo hooo

A rare Fellowship combination!
And we were down at Club-85 to see My Baby
What a night, crazy, simply crazy
Rain the Cult opened the show
Their farewell gig, what a way to go
Their infectious indie style had us bopping
Drinking and smiling as you do
But My Baby, wow!
They mix up all kinds of musical styles
With a dirty southern Cajun swamp rock beat
You have no control over your feet
You dance, dance, dance, dance
Three accomplished musicians
A voice to die for
The Club-85 crowd was all over the dance floor
And so were we
What a night
What a truly splendid night.

Grant Meaby
September 2016 

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