Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Wow, what a line up! Hawklords on their 'Fusion' tour supported by those wonderfully eccentric progressive rock legends Clayson and the Argonauts and once again all at our local centre of live music, Club-85 in Hitchin.
It was just as well I procured a healthy swathe of tickets for the Fellowship as if not a sell out it must have been very close indeed.
Starting off the evening with a couple of 'well earned' at The Vic it was then off to join the throng at Club-85 for what was to be a truly phenomenal evening.

Hawklords at 85 – October 2016

It’s taken some time to write this because
I am still getting over how good it all was
So now that I’ve had time to gather my thoughts
About the Hawklords and Clayson and the Argonauts
All now well over 60 the Argonauts were on first
I had high hopes but initially feared the worst
But it was amazing;
It was Pink Floyd meets Hawkwind meets Gong
Truly eccentric English rock with a touch of chanson
Coupled with the biggest Fellowship gathering for months
And that alone, well, just about trumps, everything!

Clayson and the Argonauts on stunning form

The Fellowship of the smart phone!
Club-85 was packed out on this night
A ‘mature’ audience too which was just about right
The Hawklords were of course absolutely sublime
A 2 ½ set seemed to pass in no time
We had Hawklords songs old and new
With a good selection of classic Hawkwind in the mix too
Kozmik Ken Ingham was the master of ceremonies
A night tailor-made to create lasting memories
It was one of those evenings which was all in all
Somewhat quite phenomenal!

Hawklords in full flow

Hands up for the Hawklords

Hawklords, quite simply, phenomenal

So, what when where will the next gig be? who knows, not me, not yet anyway, it could be soon, we'll see, but for now, cool runnings every one and all.

October 2016

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


A band that have for a long time been favorites at Cambridge Rock Festival / Skegness Rock and Blues (& beyond of course) are Split Whiskers, a damn fine and hard working Blues band with two fine albums under their belt, "Breakfast in Denmark" and "Money ain't everything", previously almost instantly recognizable due to bassist Claudia McKenzie's lovely multi colored braided hair however she is now pursuing other musical directions as a solo artist, with her own band "The Braidy Bunch" and with progressive rock band "4th Labyrinth", so, where did that leave Split Whiskers?
The band have a new bassist, his synchronicity with the drummer is outstanding, Split Whiskers are very much Back in Town, alive and kicking!
I think it is fair to say that Sunday night's gig at the "Blues at the Red" session (Red Lion, Stevenage Old Town) was in fact something rather special indeed!

Outstanding blues guitar

Split Whiskers in all their glory
Back in Town
The floorboards creak
as the pool table is pushed
to the back of the room
creating a space
a space that will be soon
filled with drums, monitors
amps and microphone stands
until everything is ready
ready for the band

The pub slowly fills with punters
among them myself and Chris
another Blues at The Red
on a Sunday night
another gig not to miss
there to see a band we love
a band in a new incarnation

No more the multi coloured dreads
of Claudia on bass
with the Braidy Bunch & 4th Labyrinth
she is in another place
but it’s been a while since
her departure
and the band have a new bassist 
tall, long tied back hair
a bassist extraordinaire
he works in total harmony with the drummer
a rhythm section beyond compare

Tonight something very special is going down
as it says on the T shirts
Split Whiskers are back in town!

There was a good dose of humour too

Grant Meaby
October 2016

Monday, 3 October 2016

Roadhouse at Danny's Bar, Esquires, Bedford, 02 10 16

Yes, it's that time of year again and as I'm otherwise engaged next Sunday when Roadhouse play the "Blues at The Red" session at the Red Lion in Stevenage there was no way I was going to miss this one, not my dead PC, not Railtracks planned engineering work and not cows on the line that effectively killed off the already savagely reduced rail service going North from Stevenage was going f to stop me!

Sunday 2nd October 2016 Roadhouse at Danny’s Bar, Esquires, Bedford

Sunday was the day my that my trusty old PC
Committed the electronic version of hara-kiri 
Rail Track had ‘planned engineering’ work on the line
Northbound trains were not stopping at Hitchin or Arlesey, OK fine
And anyway even the reduced services were in chaos
Due to a cow on the line, but did any of that stop us?
The Fellowship of the Stick, stick together
That’s how we survive
The lovely Peter had elected to drive
So he picked me up just before three
Then Chris and then Kevin
And we were off to see, Roadhouse 
At Danny’s Bar in Esquires in Bedford
A free gig too, something we can easily afford!

Corona Bunnies, it must be those guys from FoTs
It was good to catch up with Roadhouse and the crew
And all those good people from CRF and Skeggy as you do
Once again Roadhouse were simply superb
A band that has to been seen playing live and heard
Playing songs from the new ‘City of Decay’ album
And a load of old classic songs too just had to be done
They were on tip top form and we all had fun
The band, the punters, the bar staff, yes everyone

Roadhouse i full swing
And we stayed behind after the gig
To give the band a hand to pack up the rig
And to have a drink together and some catch up time
Well, that’s a Roadhouse gig for you
All in all it was pretty damn fine.

I actually managed to 'capture' the whole band!

The lovely ladies, Sarah and Mandie

Danny & Gary giving it some, and how!
So, if you just happen to be in the area, Sunday 9th October, The Red Lion, Stevenage, 8pm, you could do no worse than to truck along and see one of the finest and hardest working Americana Blues Rock bands ever, the wonderful ROADHOUSE.

Grant Meaby
Oct 2016