Wednesday, 19 October 2016


A band that have for a long time been favorites at Cambridge Rock Festival / Skegness Rock and Blues (& beyond of course) are Split Whiskers, a damn fine and hard working Blues band with two fine albums under their belt, "Breakfast in Denmark" and "Money ain't everything", previously almost instantly recognizable due to bassist Claudia McKenzie's lovely multi colored braided hair however she is now pursuing other musical directions as a solo artist, with her own band "The Braidy Bunch" and with progressive rock band "4th Labyrinth", so, where did that leave Split Whiskers?
The band have a new bassist, his synchronicity with the drummer is outstanding, Split Whiskers are very much Back in Town, alive and kicking!
I think it is fair to say that Sunday night's gig at the "Blues at the Red" session (Red Lion, Stevenage Old Town) was in fact something rather special indeed!

Outstanding blues guitar

Split Whiskers in all their glory
Back in Town
The floorboards creak
as the pool table is pushed
to the back of the room
creating a space
a space that will be soon
filled with drums, monitors
amps and microphone stands
until everything is ready
ready for the band

The pub slowly fills with punters
among them myself and Chris
another Blues at The Red
on a Sunday night
another gig not to miss
there to see a band we love
a band in a new incarnation

No more the multi coloured dreads
of Claudia on bass
with the Braidy Bunch & 4th Labyrinth
she is in another place
but it’s been a while since
her departure
and the band have a new bassist 
tall, long tied back hair
a bassist extraordinaire
he works in total harmony with the drummer
a rhythm section beyond compare

Tonight something very special is going down
as it says on the T shirts
Split Whiskers are back in town!

There was a good dose of humour too

Grant Meaby
October 2016

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