Wednesday, 26 October 2016


Wow, what a line up! Hawklords on their 'Fusion' tour supported by those wonderfully eccentric progressive rock legends Clayson and the Argonauts and once again all at our local centre of live music, Club-85 in Hitchin.
It was just as well I procured a healthy swathe of tickets for the Fellowship as if not a sell out it must have been very close indeed.
Starting off the evening with a couple of 'well earned' at The Vic it was then off to join the throng at Club-85 for what was to be a truly phenomenal evening.

Hawklords at 85 – October 2016

It’s taken some time to write this because
I am still getting over how good it all was
So now that I’ve had time to gather my thoughts
About the Hawklords and Clayson and the Argonauts
All now well over 60 the Argonauts were on first
I had high hopes but initially feared the worst
But it was amazing;
It was Pink Floyd meets Hawkwind meets Gong
Truly eccentric English rock with a touch of chanson
Coupled with the biggest Fellowship gathering for months
And that alone, well, just about trumps, everything!

Clayson and the Argonauts on stunning form

The Fellowship of the smart phone!
Club-85 was packed out on this night
A ‘mature’ audience too which was just about right
The Hawklords were of course absolutely sublime
A 2 ½ set seemed to pass in no time
We had Hawklords songs old and new
With a good selection of classic Hawkwind in the mix too
Kozmik Ken Ingham was the master of ceremonies
A night tailor-made to create lasting memories
It was one of those evenings which was all in all
Somewhat quite phenomenal!

Hawklords in full flow

Hands up for the Hawklords

Hawklords, quite simply, phenomenal

So, what when where will the next gig be? who knows, not me, not yet anyway, it could be soon, we'll see, but for now, cool runnings every one and all.

October 2016

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