Monday, 21 November 2016

Oh my Lordi, not again!

A mere couple of days since we were in London after far too long not being so, Sunday saw us heading to the O2 Academy in Islington to see Finnish Metal band Lordi, remember them? They won the European Song Contest a few years back with "Hard Rock Hallelujah". Known for their amazing costumes, stage sets and theatrical performances it was a good excuse to dress up, have a few beers and have fun.

 Oh my Lordi it’s The Fellowship Again!

“Mummy mummy mummy, there are monsters on the train”
“Don’t worry about it my little one; it’s just That Fellowship again!”

Normal Sunday casual dress for some!

Mr. De'ath

I wish he'd put a mask on
So there we were
Heading off to London once more
This time we were six
Three more than the time before

The evening’s entertainment
Was Lordi at the O2 Academy
But before all that we places to visit
We had beers to sup and places to be

So we caught a bus from Kings Cross
To The Angel Islington
First to the Brewhouse and Kitchen
It was on the list and had to be done

A nice couple of beers in there
Saw us once more on our way
To the Charles Lamb pub just down the road
Oh what a grand way to start the drinking day

The costumes had people laughing
And asking us where we were going
Some we told some we left puzzled
Better off that they’re not knowing!

The Earl of Essex was next on the list
With the amazing beer board on the wall
As Kevin said, “It’s just not to be missed!”
So there we went one and all

We found the Glassworks dark and shut 
But time was pressing and food was calling
A Wetherspoon’s that’s closed down!
We found that quite appalling

But The Angel is also a Wetherspoon’s
So we dived in there for our Sunday tea
Alex, Kevin, Chris, Paul and Hazel
Oh yes, and not forgetting me!

Suitable fuelled we made our way back
To the O2 Academy
Now was the time for some music
A couple of Scandinavian bands to see

We caught the last few bars from Silver Dust
But saw all of the set from Shiraz Lane
All hair and twin guitars and a bit formulaic
But the crowd seemed to love it all the same

Shiraz Lane
After what seemed like an eternity
Lordi took to the stage
Which was set in a Gothic spooky style
Like a horror movie from a bygone age

The songs were as catchy and anthemic
As only such Lordi songs can be
Despite the often horrific lyrical content
They are so much a band to see

The costumes were phenomenal
The musicianship was also very good
The theatrics were amusing and enjoyable
An all round splendid show as only Lordi could

Lordi in full flow

Lordi getting a head!
All too soon it was over
Outside the rain was pouring down
Long late waits for a train back home
But another great night out in London Town.

A very wet Kings Cross
November 2016

So, until we or I head off out again more bands to see, cool runnings one and all.

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