Saturday, 26 November 2016


Rounding off what had been a hectic but very enjoyable week with the 4th gig in 7 days I was somewhat thankful that this one was local!

Once again Andy at SoundArc Promotions had put together an excellent 3 band line up of high energy rock and roll at The Red Lion, Stevenage.

First up were melodic high energy rockers, Brocker, followed by the reformed Kramers with their authentic and original punk and headlining were The Zipheads with their wonderful blend of rockabilly / psychobilly / rock & roll.
As expected the Red was packed for this particular line up which all made for an enjoyable evening and a great atmosphere.



Rocking the Red

Leslie sits at a corner table at the back of the pub
Carefully cradling his Newcastle Brown Ale as he does
Distinctive with his long hair and bushy beard
There are few bands that he hasn’t seen or heard
Tonight may not be his particular sort of music
But he’s usually here supporting the local music scene
Like us, he’s been, around the block a few times!

Once again thanks to Andy and SoundArc Promotions
We have a three band line up to stir the emotions
The melodic post punk high energy rock of Brocker
Kicked the evening of to a fine start
The nostalgic pure punk of the Kramers was not such a world apart
Reformed after a long hiatus they showed us that they can still do it
Just as fresh as back in the day as if there was nothing to it!

The Kramers

The Kramers

What a great gathering of friends, promoters, punters, 
Musicians and members of other bands
Good beer and live rock music go hand in hand
Tonight was no exception with the Zipheads headlining
And with a new album that is just fine
Their psychobilly rock and roll as timeless and relevant as ever
A damn fine night all round
All the better for being at ‘The Red’ as I’m sure you’ll agree
It’s absolutely free, really free, really really really free!

The Zipheads

The Zipheads

Long live rock and roll
As Leslie sits quietly in the corner
Slowly supping his Newcastle Brown
Peter, Chris and me, tired and happy, head for home.

GM November 2016

Oh did I mention that The Zipheads have a new album out? It's called Z2 Rampage and it is excellent:-

Kramer are selling their old CD at a mere £3:00, did I have the heart to tell them I'd very recently picked up a copy in a charity shop for 50P, you bet I did!

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