Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Sing-along-a-Gary & G

Oh what a way for SoundArc live productions to round off this year’s set of acoustic gigs at the Red Lion!

It was indeed a very merry evening of sing along classics delivered in the most enjoyable and inimitable style by Gary Brown (Doing a fine job standing in at the last minute for the poorly Ouse Valley Singles Club) and Mr. Balstock himself, the one and only (Some would say thank goodness for that) G La Roche.

Gary delivered a most enjoyable set with stacks of humour and wonderful banter with the crowd which was, at times, absolutely hilarious, even stealing the odd song off G’s set which was even funnier!

Gary Brown
G kicked off with a marvellous rendition of ACDC’s Thunderstruck after which it all sort of went downhill in the most wonderful and enjoyable way, culminating of course in some of G’s own songs which we know so well but for reasons of public decency cannot be replicated here!

G La Roche
So, thank you Andy Sinclair for putting all the great gigs this year, thank you Gary for making us laugh, thank you G La Roche for not only entertaining us so many times this past year but also for the fabulous work you do for putting on the Balstock Festival year after year and all the other fine work you do in, on, around and for the local music scene, this is, or should be, what IT’s all about!

You bet I was
Why was that?
It was all because
Four of us had come to see
The Ouse Valley Singles Club
And of course G
But the Ouses were sick
Still Andy didn’t let us down
He’d only gone and booked
The one and only Gary Brown
So the evening was saved
As I’m sure you will agree
By a hilarious sing-along a-mayhem 
With Gary & G

Have fun everyone, until the next time, bbfn, the other G
December 2016 

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