Saturday, 28 January 2017

Skegness The Great British Rock and Blues Festival, Butlin's 2017 a Fellows Perspective

Skegness – The Great British Rock (or lack of it!) and Blues Festival 2017

First and foremost I’d like to say that despite everything this was still a great festival and we had fun once again.

Onesie, no onesie, onesie, no onesie, onesie, no onesie + Fender of course
Why was it so different?

1. The music, it would have been better named this year as “The Great British Blues Festival” as there was hardly any rock apart from the DJ’s spinning tunes between the bands, in fact, the only ‘true’ rock band we saw was The Texas Flood, last years introducing stage winners who opened up the Saturday proceedings on Centre stage.

That said we saw some amazing bands and artists over the weekend, for me the highlights were the above mentioned The Texas Flood, Catfish (in Jaks), several of the bands on the introducing stage in the Skyline, notably Southbound, The Wang Dang Doodle & The Zoe Green band plus of course Rainbreakers who opened the Centre Stage proceedings on the Sunday.
Popa Chubby was excellent as were The Blues Band, in fact The Blues Band were the only band we ventured into Reds for this year!

Saturday breakfast at the Frog & Unicorn!
2. The Fellowship? Most of us were there but this year we were notably ‘short’ of Tim and Jo who were still on their amazing tour of far far away foreign parts and due to last minute bookings etc. for the first time in our Skeggy history we were not all billeted together but in two distinct ‘camps’ on the site which also made the whole weekend somewhat different. Fender was of course there making a brief appearance at breakfast on Sunday morning.

Lord Fender of The Fellowship
3. Roadhouse? There was no Roadhouse this year, a massive ‘hole’ in the Jaks weekend, their absence was of course totally unavoidable and understandable due to Gary Boner’s health issues and we all wish him all the very best however the ever lovely Mandie G was there and along with the Blues Matters guys did a fantastic job to keep the Roadhouse Jam well and truly alive in Jaks on the Saturday afternoon, Mandie sung her heart out throughout the afternoon, notable a fantastic acoustic set with the brilliant Roy Mette and with Zoe Green among several others.

The Fellowship Corona's with Mandie G

Roy Mette & Mandie G a fabulous acoustic set

4. I took very few band photo’s this year, for once leaving it to the professionals and gifted amateurs who’s excellent photo’s and videos can be found all over the dreaded Facebook and Youtube, just check out the Skegness Rock and Blues pages on Facebook and you’ll see.

So was it good? You bet your sweet thingamy it was, it was just a shame that it very much looked like they’d poached all the good rock bands for the following weeks Butlin’s festival in Minehead, however this and several other niggling points have been raised with the organisers so perhaps they’ll listen, I hope they do!

So the most memorable points of the weekend?

The mad lot who did a charity dip in the sea on Sunday morning!

The Swimmers!
The friends old and new who were there (You know who you are!)
The excellent bands and artists we saw during weekend (Despite the lack of rock).

Kev’s invention of the three course Yorkshire Pudding meal which just had to be ‘captured’ and commemorated here;

Pudding it this way!

We may have been in Lincolnshire
But it seems that Yorkshire rules
For food served up traditionally
Is only for unadventurous fools
So for an exciting new way
To serve up your grub
You can do no better than to join
Kevin’s Yorkshire pudding club!

Beef Jalfrezi or beef stroganoff
Alone or with rice
Is just never enough
But in a Yorkshire Pudding
It’ll make your gastronomic night
For at Kevin’s pudding club
It’s just all sheer delight

For dessert there’s a Sicilian
Lemon drizzle cake, ice cream and custard
In a Yorkshire pudding of course
Nothing else ‘Cuts the mustard’
And to round off the meal
There’s really only one way to go
And that’s with a house speciality
A Yorkshire pud’ cappuccino!

Jan 2017


Dessert (Invented by Chris Foskett)

So, until HRH Prog 5 in Wales in March it’ll be back to the local gigs for now, phew, I need a rest!


January 2017 

Monday, 9 January 2017


Foxfield's farewell Gig
So here we are, or rather there we were, the first gig of 2017 and the second serving bu The Left Field Club which once again delivered on the night!

Foxfield's farewell gig was, as expected somewhat party like with the earlier supports specially requested by the band (All friends of course).

Not that we probably wouldn't have been there anyway but specifically we were there because POINTS were also playing and they really are something special.

What’s the Point? POINTS of Course!

OK now, everyone, after three
There was a Chris, there was a Peter
And then of course there was me
Thankfully this night
No one had to drive
So copious amounts of beer was drunk
Well one has to drink to survive!
Saturday night was unusually quiet
As a Saturday after new Years seems to be
So we even got a table at The Vic’
Before heading off to ’85
To see who we would see
Foxfield’s farewell gig
Was much as I expected it to be
Fairly disorganised musical mayhem
More like a big college party
Last minute stand-ins Inertia opened the show
Despite being somewhat short of a singer
They did a good job, way to go


Female fronted metallers Eden’s Eyes
Were next to grace the stage
Nice harmonies and good musically
Pretty good for their age
I wouldn’t mind seeing them again
If Rhiannon lowered her vocals a tad
It would make such a difference but they weren’t bad

Eden's Eyes
Now came the band that we’d come to see
Worth every penny of the entrance fee
POINTS, lets face it, the night was always going to belong to them
A band in a class of their own and tonight they were on fire

Foxfield bowed out with a bang
A party
As was expected
So long and thanks for the all the music
See you again
No doubt in another form

But for now
Give me POINTS
Every time.

GM Jan 2017

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Sunday, 1 January 2017


So, what a way to end 2016's gigging, Friday the 30th of December saw myself and Chris down at Club-85 for the inaugural gig of promoter Roger King's new enterprise, The Left Field Club, concentrating on nights with more of a theme running through but also to give new young bands a chance to play to a decent audience, and wey hey, what a way to start!


Unusual Signatures

As I write this
I don’t expect it to rhyme
Well not all the time
And certainly not to any structured form
That may be considered the norm
For like a lot of jazz
And for that matter Math Rock
It matters not
Appearing at first to perhaps be free-form
It is in fact somewhat painstakingly considered
Highly structured
But in an unusual way
Changing the scheme of things 
In a most unusual and largely
Unpredictable way!

And so it was for the inaugural gig
Of Roger Kings new promotion enterprise
The Left Field Club
With four bands
Math Rock influenced
A theme
If you see what I mean

Toy Toise
Chris and I were there at Club-85
On the 30th of December 2016
Kicking it all off were new band Toy Toise
They made a somewhat pleasant noise
Post Emo indie rock with the most unusual time signatures
A chaotic cacophony of sound which worked and should be heard
Twinkle Punk due Pet Library were the next act we’d see
Uplifting songs about self loathing, depression, addiction
Amazing guitar and drums, such fun
In-between deep philosophical discussions about the arts
And how success corrupts
How the media machine takes over
But then again, it is a business after all
And there are many who survive the fall
Keeping control of their integrity
Like thee next two bands we’d see

Pet Library (Expect great things from them in 2017)
Harlow new town spawned Don’t Worry
Well structured songs of great clarity
More time changes than a station clock
Running fast or maybe slow
Oh well, that’s the way it goes
They were in fact excellent
But the best was yet to come

Don't Worry

Redwood put me in mind of Shels, BOSSK and maybe
Even a touch of early Biffy
They were quite simply
All in all a great evening spent
In great company
With good music
What a way to end 2016’s gigging.

Cheers and Happy New Year 

This is the last one from 2016, so, Happy New Year One and All, here’s hoping 2017 will be a year to remember for all the right reasons.