Monday, 9 January 2017


Foxfield's farewell Gig
So here we are, or rather there we were, the first gig of 2017 and the second serving bu The Left Field Club which once again delivered on the night!

Foxfield's farewell gig was, as expected somewhat party like with the earlier supports specially requested by the band (All friends of course).

Not that we probably wouldn't have been there anyway but specifically we were there because POINTS were also playing and they really are something special.

What’s the Point? POINTS of Course!

OK now, everyone, after three
There was a Chris, there was a Peter
And then of course there was me
Thankfully this night
No one had to drive
So copious amounts of beer was drunk
Well one has to drink to survive!
Saturday night was unusually quiet
As a Saturday after new Years seems to be
So we even got a table at The Vic’
Before heading off to ’85
To see who we would see
Foxfield’s farewell gig
Was much as I expected it to be
Fairly disorganised musical mayhem
More like a big college party
Last minute stand-ins Inertia opened the show
Despite being somewhat short of a singer
They did a good job, way to go


Female fronted metallers Eden’s Eyes
Were next to grace the stage
Nice harmonies and good musically
Pretty good for their age
I wouldn’t mind seeing them again
If Rhiannon lowered her vocals a tad
It would make such a difference but they weren’t bad

Eden's Eyes
Now came the band that we’d come to see
Worth every penny of the entrance fee
POINTS, lets face it, the night was always going to belong to them
A band in a class of their own and tonight they were on fire

Foxfield bowed out with a bang
A party
As was expected
So long and thanks for the all the music
See you again
No doubt in another form

But for now
Give me POINTS
Every time.

GM Jan 2017

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