Wednesday, 22 February 2017

There and Back Again - Massive Wagons, Kaine and Maverick at Melbourn Rock Club

For the Fellowship's first excursion this year to Melbourn Rock Club out in the wilds of Cambridgeshire we could not, seriously really could not, have picked a better gig!

Three outstanding bands and overnight camping for a mere £7:50 per head (In advance), seriously? AWESOME.

It is really great to see a young band such as Maverick come on so much in a year or so, they really rocked it and held the sell out audience throughout their set, no mean feat for any band, their current CD, Uneasy Seasons is well worth a listen too.

Kaine were quite simply magnificent, they are a band that I have personally loved for a few years now and the last year or so has been one of significant change for them, they lost one of their lead guitarists and then their bass played  but never fear, Rage Sadler steers a mighty strong ship! 

Kaine have actually gone from strength to strength, recruiting a new bassist who actually plays his multi stringed bass guitar which has given the band's sound an extra dimension and being the only lead guitarist has given Saxon Davids the chance to shine and by all things metal and holy, shine he certainly does!

Kaine's set featured heavily the new material written by the current 4 piece line up and I cannot wait for the new CD when it comes out hopefully later this year, in the meantime if you don't have a copy of Kaine's "The Waystone" album, get it, trust me just get it, they are also about to re-release "Falling Through Freedom" completely remastered.

Massive Wagons
Let's face it, Massive Wagons are a well established and respected rock band and it was a bit of a coup for Melbourn Rock Club to get them during their current UK tour, even so, given the calibre of the support acts they had to pull out all the stops to top what had gone before, and did they? They absolutely smashed it, hard rock at its absolute finest, what a show, awesome just about sums it up.
Massive Wagons current CD "Welcome to the World" is quite simply sublime.

Massive Wagons

Oh, did I mention that the night was actually sold out? 

The capacity crowd at MRC
So, did the Fellowship enjoy our first outing this year to MRC, you bet your sweet proverbial doodahs we did, by the end it was all a bit too much for poor Fender though!

Lord Fender takes a rest at the bar.

There and Back Again!

The title is not, in this case, any reference to The Hobbit
But to the numerous trips made by Kevin to set up Camp Fellowship
For this time the Fellowship were four but what’s more
To add further complication, it was a different combination
For there was a Kevin, a Chris and of course me
But this time we had a Hazel for company
And that meant we needed Fender’s Den and Kaz da Kamper
But with no Smiffy that meant that poor Kevin had to scamper
There and back again, between Langford and Melbourn
And as a consequence such tales are born!

The Legendary Fender's Den
It didn’t take long to get Fender’s Den ready
Three pairs of hands nice and steady
And we were on our way
For Kevin’s first trip of the day
This time there was no camping just outside
Out in the car park is where we’d reside
But that’s close enough anyway
Chris and I went to the bar and Kevin was on his way
In time, he somewhat exhausted, returned
Fighting all the way with Kaz, a pint he’d surely earned!

Chris, Hazel and Kevin relaxing!
Hazel arrived in good time and so we were set
For one of the best nights at Melbourn Rock Club yet
Maverick have come on a pace or four
And these young lads rocked the placed from the ceiling to the floor
The new stripped down Kaine were quire simply magnificent
Listening to them is time well spent
No doubt about it, they absolutely smashed it
So could Massive Wagons follow that?
You had better believe they could and they did
The damn finest rock band we’ve seen for years god forbid
And a night which will go down in Fellowship history
Maurice was presented with his Corona shirt but that’s another story

Fender takes up a prime position ready for the bands
For reasons I won’t go into here there was no BBQ breakfast
But never fear, we ventured out to the Silver Ball
And a great breakfast feast was had by all
Before I headed home from Royston by train
And Kevin set off once more, there and back again!

GM February 2017

So, until the next time, keep rocking, keep supporting live music and have fun.

Thursday, 2 February 2017


So this was the first local gig we'd been out to since the Great British Rock and Blues Festival at Skegness and were we ready for it? Indeed we were!

TTO's amazing new album 'Grave Tales'
Three top class bands for a mere £6, unbelievable but that's Club-85 for you, headlining were those masters of country punk, The Trailer Trash Orchestra playing their first gig of the new year and it had been quite a while since they last played at Club-85, supported by The Twirling Canes, another band or rather duo that I love with their darkly entrancing music, fabulous twin guitars and vocals that would do Jim Morrison or Nick Cave proud and Steph Carter's (Ex Gallows) band along with his lovely American wife Gillian, The Ghost Riders in the Sky.

The all important Links:-

Getting Trashed!

It was our first night out together since coming back from ‘Skeggy’
And I guess you could say that we were just about ready!

Chris and Peter counting the beats, or was it their fingers?
Back on home ground to support the local music scene
On a night to get trashed if you know what I mean
For we were out in Hitchin’s Club-85 to see and to hear
The Trailer Trash Orchestra playing right here
And the Twirling Canes, another fine band
Their musical styles seem to go absolutely just hand in hand

The Twirling Canes
And another band that had until now passed us all by
Steph Carter’s new project, Ghost Riders in the Sky

The Ghost Riders in the Sky
And what a night of pure class it was
Not at all trashy and that is because
The Twirling Canes enthralled us with their dark catchy tales
Despite sound balance problems the Ghost Riders prevailed
Trailer Trash Orchestra were nothing short of phenomenal
With a brand new album to promote for one and for all

The Trailer Trash Orchestra in full flow
“Grave Tales is in my opinion a true masterpiece
Out now on vinyl (with a CD) on general release 
So did we get trashed on this most special of nights?
Except for those driving we did alright!
We may be getting on but we’re not ‘Over the hill’
Everyone’s welcome when they come to Trashville!

Welcome to Trashville, the fabulous TTO
Grant Meaby

Jan/Feb 2017 

So until the next one, keep supporting live music, stay safe, have fun.