Thursday, 2 February 2017


So this was the first local gig we'd been out to since the Great British Rock and Blues Festival at Skegness and were we ready for it? Indeed we were!

TTO's amazing new album 'Grave Tales'
Three top class bands for a mere £6, unbelievable but that's Club-85 for you, headlining were those masters of country punk, The Trailer Trash Orchestra playing their first gig of the new year and it had been quite a while since they last played at Club-85, supported by The Twirling Canes, another band or rather duo that I love with their darkly entrancing music, fabulous twin guitars and vocals that would do Jim Morrison or Nick Cave proud and Steph Carter's (Ex Gallows) band along with his lovely American wife Gillian, The Ghost Riders in the Sky.

The all important Links:-

Getting Trashed!

It was our first night out together since coming back from ‘Skeggy’
And I guess you could say that we were just about ready!

Chris and Peter counting the beats, or was it their fingers?
Back on home ground to support the local music scene
On a night to get trashed if you know what I mean
For we were out in Hitchin’s Club-85 to see and to hear
The Trailer Trash Orchestra playing right here
And the Twirling Canes, another fine band
Their musical styles seem to go absolutely just hand in hand

The Twirling Canes
And another band that had until now passed us all by
Steph Carter’s new project, Ghost Riders in the Sky

The Ghost Riders in the Sky
And what a night of pure class it was
Not at all trashy and that is because
The Twirling Canes enthralled us with their dark catchy tales
Despite sound balance problems the Ghost Riders prevailed
Trailer Trash Orchestra were nothing short of phenomenal
With a brand new album to promote for one and for all

The Trailer Trash Orchestra in full flow
“Grave Tales is in my opinion a true masterpiece
Out now on vinyl (with a CD) on general release 
So did we get trashed on this most special of nights?
Except for those driving we did alright!
We may be getting on but we’re not ‘Over the hill’
Everyone’s welcome when they come to Trashville!

Welcome to Trashville, the fabulous TTO
Grant Meaby

Jan/Feb 2017 

So until the next one, keep supporting live music, stay safe, have fun.

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