Sunday, 16 April 2017


How often have you heard a retired person say "I don't know how I ever had the time to go to work"? I used to think that this was absolute rubbish until I retired myself, now I know it's true! 

Since HRH Prog 5 in Wales I seem to have been busy all the time and on the go non stop, hence I am somewhat behind on this blog w.r.t. feeding back on recent gigs etc. so this is somewhat of an attempt to catch up!

I spent a week house, dog and chicken sitting for my daughter and son in law, slipping out on the Saturday to go to my friends wedding celebration (They held a mini festival rather than a traditional wedding reception) where we were suitable entertained by singer songwriter and cover artist Kevin Clynes:-

Kevin Clynes
A band named after the tobacco in The Lord of the Rings, Pipeweed:-


Elvis in full swing
Ska band Bubounce who really got the party dancng:-


Who were followed by The Zipheads and The Bleach Boys who unfortunately I could not stay for as I had to get back to feed the hounds and put the cluckers to bed!

The Thursday night saw myself and my lovely wife, as part of our 35th wedding anniversary celebrations, off to the Gordon Craig Theatre to see this show:-

A fabulous show which, for anyone into guitars, guitar music in general, is a must to see, fabulous musicianship, great music and extremely interesting as well as entertaining.

A week passes, I'm back home and getting into the throes of the big house tidy up post the rewiring and plastering, making a start on the decorating and as the weather was pretty good, the gardening needed a start too! 
Seeking some respite Thursday night comes round quickly and it's off down 'The Red' to see two excellent FFB's, Delsyn Drive and Echo Tree:-

Delsyn Drive
Echo Tree

Leaping forward to the past week, if such a thing is possible, it was an amazing week with three great gigs on the Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights and these were of course Fellowship of the Stick events so, in the traditional style, here's the tale:-

A Week of Three Gigs

Chris and I had the blues at ‘The Red’ on the Sunday night
Chris Lord and her Blues express, laid back, sultry, nice.

Chris Lord and her Blues Express
On Tuesday we were off to Esquires in Bedford to meet Kevin & Hazel
Could this one be the gig of the year? Only time will tell!

John Fairhurst kicked off the evening’s proceedings in a most amazing way
Just him his guitar and Cajun, good grief could that man play!

John Fairhurst
Pearl Handled Revolver played another awesome set
By now the crowd had grown and was dancing, how much better could things get?

Pearl Handled Revolver
My Baby were phenomenal with their Cajun blues trance dance songs
Esquires was packed and hot and bouncing as we sang and danced along.

Daniel - My baby

Joost - My Baby

Cato - My baby

On Thursday came the gathering of the biggest Fellowship event this year
At Club-85 in Hitchin, Women Who Rock was the reason we were all here.

Anar Kissed
Young Anar Kissed treated us to a show of great attitude and style
They could be big in years to come but next came Andrea Wilde

Andrea Wilde
Andrea with her all star band really rocked the place
Until up stepped the mighty Syteria who knocked things up a pace

These girls really kicked out a truly belting set
And then came Joan Ov Arc, the best I’ve seen them yet!

Joan Ov Arc

So all in all a damn fine week of truly excellent gigs
Live music is what it’s all about

As the JoA girls so aptly put it
Let’s all take a breath and shout

‘Live Rock and Roll’.

GM April 2017
The Links:-

This year's Cambridge Rock Festival is very much ON after successfully securing a new sponsor and a new site:-

And that my dears is it for now, hopefully not too long until the next one!