Tuesday, 16 May 2017


It's funny how you sometimes get those weeks / weekends where you see lots of friends but not all together at the same time, well that was last weekend for me!

On the Thursday night myself Chris and Peter went off to the Red Lion in Stevenage Old Town to see Georgia Nevada, Kelvin Davies and Luke Tuchscherer, a damn fine acoustic night it was too.

On Saturday afternoon we had a lovely surprise visit from Kevin and on Saturday evening I was back down 'The Red', this time with Roger to see Metalworks (Who could not have been louder!) and of course Sally & Keith were there.

So, in a roundabout and somewhat fragmented way it was a FoTs weekend!

A Weekend of Fragmented Fellowship

Chris and Peter having fun it seems

Thursday night at ‘The Red’
What more can be said?
There’s me and there’s Chris and there’s Peter
Which was more than alright
For headlining tonight
Was none other than the great Luke Tuchscherer

Georgia Nevada
And we’d Georgia Nevada and Kelvin Davies
There was a good crowd down for this gig
And the better it gets
they all played great sets
One day I’m sure Luke WILL make it big!

Kelvin Davies
On Saturday afternoon Kevin called round
A lovely unexpected surprise
He had just done a good deed
For someone in need
So we celebrated with coffee & smiles

Luke Tuchscherer
In the evening I went into town once again
This time to meet our own TV’s Roger Marsh
It had been a long time
Since we’d been out gigging together
Sometimes life can be harsh!

It was of course Metalworks and not Metal Sausage
And so it was once more back to ‘The Red’
For Metalworks good but too loud
So we sat and caught up
And chatted outside
Like a lot of the Red Lion crowd

Keith and Sally were there
Nobby, Les,  Mark & Bear
All in all it was a very good night
Time spent with good friends
Should just never end
Yeah indeed, it was just about right

So the Fellowship may not have been out altogether
But in ones and twos and threes
I had been lucky to see many friends
You don’t often get weekends like these!

Grant M

May 2017 
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