Tuesday, 30 May 2017


You know how it is, you wait for a bus for what seems like hours and then three come at once! Well sometimes it the same for good gigs and this Bank Holiday weekend was no exception (I always seem to include Thursdays as part of the weekend these days!).

Yes, Bank Holiday weekend and there were just so many gigs and festivals on in various places around the county, country etc. that i would have been happy to have been at but for a number of reasons I needed to 'Stay Local' this weekend, especially as my daughters band, The Blues Blaggers, had a prestige gig at The Orange Tree on the Saturday night as part of the "Sounds of Baldock" weekend, the event that draws to a close the Baldock Festival and is also the main fundraiser for Balstock in September.

Luckily, with Sounds of Baldock, SoundArc Promotions at The Red Lion in Stevenage and of course Blues at the Red on the Sunday night, we (Some of the Fellowship) enjoyed a feast of great music.

So, it all started on the Thursday night at The Red Lion with SoundArc Promotions putting on another damn fine gig with Calm for the Restless and Gelato, both of whom were excellent.

Calm For The Restless

Although Sounds of Baldock was a 'Three day event' I was only able to make it along on the Saturday but oh what a day!

We kicked off at The Engine and saw Tower of Joy, Just Dig This and The Hornets:-

Tower of Joy

Just Dig This

The Hornets
It was then on to The Orange Tree for the opening set from Vacant followed by Old Skool, Black River Blues, The Blues Blaggers and finally The SG's.

Vacant (With our very own Smiffy on bass)

In ya face!

Vacant - Wayne

Old Skool

Black River Blues

The Blues Blaggers

The Blues Blaggers absolutely nailed it
The SG's

The SG's brought the day to a wonderful bouncing close
Although I (& Chris) couldn't make it along to the Sunday sessions of Sounds of Baldock it wasn't all over! We had Sunday night at Blues at The Red with JFK Blue who just have to be seen to be believed, I think it's fair to say that just about everyone who was at that gig, including some very discerning blues / blues rock fans, were absolutely gobsmacked by the quality of the musicianship and range of styles this band work into their music, the lead guitarist's slide guitar playing was just ridiculous it was so good!

JFK Blue
If any of the bands featured above look or sound interesting to you (As far as I'm concerned there wasn't a naff one among them) then most of them (But not all) have Facebook, Bandcamp or Soundcloud pages, I have not added links this time so I urge you to go exploring!

What's next? 

Why this of course:-

Another Weekend of Damn Fine Music

So on Thursday night we kicked off with
Calm for the Restless and Gelato at the Red
Two fine bands put on by Andy
SoundArc Promotions, excellent, enough said
On Saturday it was Sounds of Baldock
And again it was Chris and me
We started off at The Engine
Then went on to The Orange Tree
We were joined by a Peter
And members of my family
It was The Blues Blaggers and the SG’s
That they had come down to see
So today we’d seen Tower of Joy and Just Dig This
The Hornets, Vacant and Old Skool
Black River Blues then the Blues Blaggers
Which was all quite pretty cool
The SG’s finished off the day
In a fine dance dub reggae style
It was another damn fine day of music
More than enough to make us smile
But it wasn’t all done and dusted
It wasn’t all over yet
There was Sunday night for Blues at The Red
How much better could things get?
JFK Blue, what an absolutely amazing band
They played a truly outstanding set
So all in all it was another great weekend
For the Fellowship out at live music events
You can bet whatever you like my friend
We’re all so glad we went!


May 2017

 On Saturday the 3rd June, SoundArc Promotions are celebrating 10 years of promoting at The Red Lion in Stevenage Old Town with a mini festival from about 3pm onwards featuring many of the top bands and acoustic artists that have played for Andy over the years, this should be a good one!

Until then, have fun, enjoy the wonderful live music where you can, see you down the front some time.

GM - May 2017

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