Monday, 12 June 2017


It should come as no surprise that the Robin Bibi Band's new / current album 'No More a Secret' is riding high in the IBBA charts at the moment, it's a damn fine album and a real showcase of Robin's writing and playing, he is after all one of the UK's leading Blues / Blues Rock guitarists!

What was a surprise, and a nice one at that, is that he and his band were playing the Sunday night 'Blues at the Red' / 'Tandoori Blues' in the Red Lion, Stevenage Old Town on Sunday the 11th of June.
How Trevor manages to book such class acts week by week continues to amaze me (& my friends) and long may it continue to be so.

Here's what Blues / live music promoter Pete Feenstra said in conclusion to his review of No More a Secret:-

"Apart from the fact he’s routed in the blues, ‘No Label On Me’ succinctly summarises the core strand of a classy blues/rock album that balances a lifetime’s experience with musical acumen and an overall vision that seals the lid on a fine album".

You can read the full album review here:-

And, as I said, "Isn't it a funny thing when the strongest contender for gig of the year so far is the one you've just been to down at your local!"

A few pic's of the gig:-

No ditty this time round as this wasn't a Fellowship gig, this one was just little old me and some other good mates having a damn good blues rocking time, thank you Trevor and especially thank you Robin.
BFN - GM June 2017

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