Tuesday, 4 July 2017


Much as I love Luke Tuchscherer's solo work it was great, if a little sad, to see him back behind the drum kit for the Whybirds farewell gig at Esquire's in Bedford on Friday 30th June :(

Luke behind the drum kit again 
Still, there's nothing like an adventure to set a weekend off in style, so at lunchtime there was Chris and I, having booked in for the night at the Weatherspoon's hotel in Bedford which just happens to be..............................
a) A Weatherspoon's
b) Above the bar
c) A very short walk to Esquire's
What could possibly go wrong?
Thankfully nothing, it was as Lou Reed once put it, such a perfect day, a fascinating afternoon in Weatherspoon's, people watching, chatting and imbibing far too many truly excellent real ales.
All too soon it was time to wander up to Danny's Bar (In Esquire's) to meet up with Kevin & Peter ready for the Whybirds gig.

The Bedford Adventure

Booking into the hotel
Went very well
We dumped our stuff in the room
And soon
Were downstairs in the bar
For an afternoon
In Weatherspoon's
People watching
And enjoying each others company
So much to see
Many of the clientele
Came and went
Food eaten, drinks drunk
Money spent
Some, like us
Some drank to excess
And swayed
Between the stables
One chap, selling cheap tobacco
“I’m super intelligent
There’s a lot of things I know”
Not wishing to take advantage
Nor wishing to offend
I gave in and bought some
As he continued to insist
I could not resist
50 grams of baccy for Five Pounds fifty!
I don’t care if he was pissed, or stoned
Or in fact whatever
He may have thought he was clever
But it was me who got the bargain!
There was the lady who didn’t know
Who Slartibartfast was
Maybe because
She’d never seen read or heard
The Hitch-hikers Guide to the galaxy
Unlike Chris and me
Who had and who were of course still there
That was until
It was time to make our way to Danny’s Bar
Just a short walk up the street
Not far
To meet
Peter and Kevin
For tonight’s gig at Esquires

Sundancer a.k.a.Simon Gutteridge

Simon on the keys
Sundancer opened the show
Melancholy Americana solo
Before the mighty Whybirds took to the stage
And played
For about two and a half hours
Of the most excellent music around
What a sound
Such a shame we’ll probably not see them again
As Luke and Amanda-Jane move to the USA
Hopefully they’ll be back one day
But tonight was theirs
The Whybirds owned Esquires

The Whybirds in full flow

A truly excellent gig, such a great band

When the gig was over and done
It wasn’t the end of the fun
We’ll not for Chris and me
There was Danny’s Bar and the after-party
Until late late late
But boy oh boy 
When all is said and done
It was glorious fun
Creeping back to the hotel
We fell
Into a deep slumber
Waking somewhat less than refreshed!
A hot shower and a Weatherspoon’s breakfast
Did the trick
Before we headed home
From our truly splendid
Adventure in Bedford.


June / July 2017

The Whybirds are playing two further farewell gigs, one in Cambridge, the other in London, follow the link for details.
Bye for now, back soon!

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